2015 FEED Partners with Scubasurero to Help Clean Philippine Waters

Cleanup18 October 2015, Manila.  Started on 1 January 2012, Scubasurero is a team of conscientious divers who have been conducting coastal clean-up activities in the Philippines. The name originates from Scuba + “Basurero” (Tagalog, for garbage collector), and comprises Scuba divers for a cleaner ocean with the motto:  “One clean ocean today, one bright future tomorrow!”

On the partnership with FEED, Captain Joyce Hufton, a leading professional diver and Scubasurero, said:

“We are happy to partner with FEED, as it helps get our message across to a wider audience of practitioners.  Since FEED is also looking towards enriching the biodiversity of our oceans, we found that their tree-planting initiatives and model of partnering with students, youth and other volunteers for the environment very much matches our approach. Together, we are certain to do more in raising awareness about ocean preservation and ensuring healthier oceans and sustainable livelihoods for local communities, people, fish and coral alike.”

The rehabilitation of foreshore areas ravaged by tourism and typhoon activity in the Philippines has affected the livelihood of fisheries and other communities. This partnership aims to raise awareness about over-fishing, restoring natural capacities, improving the condition of critical ecosystems, benefitting local fishing communities, and strengthening community engagement efforts.

Fishing will no longer be viable in the next 10 to 20 years in Philippine seas at the current rate of destructive practices, but efforts can be made to reverse this trend through recovery efforts such as those carried out by Scubasurero. FEED’s experience working with its “Students and Volunteers for the Environment” program will enable Scubasurero to access a talent pool of volunteers from its network for all its clean up dive operations, also providing students particularly with extra credits and certification (from FEED) for their efforts.

Images of Scubasurero Clean-up with the Philippine Air Force

For more information on Scubasurero, visit: Logohttps://www.facebook.com/scubasureros/timeline?ref=page_internal

Or contact: info@feed.org.ph

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