2011 Incorporation of FEED

FEED Inc., established in 2011, was the evolutionary result of Friends of Overseas Filipinos Incorporated (FOFI).  Due to the significant improvement in the social, political and economic infrastructure supporting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), FOFI began shifting its focus towards education & environment, sectors that require more support from the country.

Update FEED Logo 2Read more about the launch of FEED’s new logo in 2017 here

2001 Incorporation of FOFI

FOFI Inc. was established in December 2001 to address critical social and economic issues arising from the separation of families due to economic migration as a result of poverty and limited economic livelihood in the country. It was geared towards providing a web of support to disadvantaged/disenfranchised children by providing psychological guidance to help them deal with the separation from parents, and secondly, to provide an educational environment that would encourage achievement and promote responsible citizenship. The desire to uplift the plight of disadvantaged but deserving children by securing their social and moral welfare and development had been voiced several years prior to the launch of FOFI.

FOFI set itself to be a vehicle for the welfare of children, ultimately acting as catalyst, messenger, coordinator and facilitator in matching scholarships between students and schools. FOFI was instrumental in advocating, lobbying and endorsing the passing of the Absentee Voting Bill and Dual Citizenship Laws in the Philippines.


In recognition of its roots, FEED has adopted its original logo from FOFI.  The logo represented migrant workers who brought stability to the country in times of crises – perched atop the world hoisting the Filipino flag. It now represents our pride in working towards the providing education & environmental opportunities for the Philippines.

It is the creation of Outstanding Filipino Architect, Fel Macalino, an avid supporter of FOFI and one of the Filipino pioneers in Singapore.

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