Concepcion Commits to CSR Again: Planting 600 Trees in their Sierra Madre Forest

09 July 2022, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna (Sierra Madre Mountain Range).  In celebration Concepcion Industries Inc., now known as Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), volunteers from the company planted 600 native Philippine forest trees at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant, an over 9,000 hectare protected forest managed by FEED’s first and longest Living Legacy partner, the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

Some of the fifty-nine (59) enthusiastic CIC EcoWarriors who participated in the planting, had already experienced the Food Forest installed at CIC’s KM20 East Service Road, Muntinlupa office during a workshop on urban gardening held last 10 December 2021, honoring the launch of their “Harvests for Hope” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign.  This tree planting event marks CIC’s commitment to creating happy spaces by making positive impact on the community. Many were keen on answering the call for volunteers, especially after a long period of lock downs due to the pandemic.

CIC held its Anniversary Tree-Planting activity on July 9th.  Following a debriefing by FEED on the holistic Ridge to REEForestation community-based planting approach, participants were led by a team of 12 UPLB forest guards to trek to CIC’s planting site about 20 minutes up the Sierra Madre mountain range, the longest range in the Philippines that serves as a storm protection barrier, source of freshwater and biodiversity conservation site in Luzon.

The planting itself went relatively quickly as each participant planted an average of 10 seedlings, since the site had already been prepared earlier in the morning by the same forest guards, to ensure standardized spacing, hole depth, species selection and transport to site, and bamboo hole staking as markers.

The de-bagging demonstration held by Forest Guard Larry also showed how to properly remove the biodegradable seedling bag from the seedling, place it on the stake to confirm it is not being planted with the roots/seedling, and to make quality control checking of the planting easier.

The trek back was much quicker as everyone was keen to replenish their energy with the  native “binalot” (chicken adobo with rice wrapped in banana leaf) prepared by the women caretakers of the LQLG site.

CIC Cares for People & Planet

We thank CIC EcoWarriors for continuing their Envi-centered CSR campaigns and for helping us protect the environment. Their Core Value of ‘Caring for the People and the Planet’ is very evident and gives us all hope that there are many companies and participants who realize that the climate crises cannot be solved by government or non-government agencies alone, but rather in partnership with the private sector. We are thankful to CIC leadership and staff who demonstrate sincere appreciation, gratitude and joy when planning their CSR activities and in their implementation. Thank you and May the Forest be with you Always!

Thank you CIC EcoWarriors!

A certificate of appreciation was given to each CIC participant who contributed to an enjoyable, fulfilling and eventful day!

Photo Journal

GPS Coordinates & Pictures from Laguna Quezon Land Grant Team

Use any GPS (Global Positioning System) software / applications to input the latitude and longitude coordinates to be able to remotely see the location of your trees planted. Some examples include:

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About Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC)

Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) is the leading air conditioning and refrigeration company in the Philippines. From a cooling solutions provider, we expanded our portfolio of products and services designed for the needs of every Filipino home and business. With the future in mind, we are at the forefront of creating new solutions through innovation, staying true to our commitment to serve our customers with quality products and services to create happier spaces for all.

Founded in 1962 by Jose Concepcion Sr., Concepcion Industries Inc. (CII) was established with the goal of providing comfort to Filipino homes through the most advanced cooling technology available. True to its mission, CII obtained an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute the world-class Carrier Air Conditioning brand in the Philippines.

The company has then evolved into the largest and most experienced provider of home and business solutions in the country. CIC now aims to create environments where Filipinos can work, relax and live their lives to the utmost – to create happy spaces where Filipinos and Filipino businesses can thrive and reach their maximum potential.

CIC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CIC’s purpose of creating happy spaces for the Filipino people and businesses continues to expand its meaning as the organization grows into a company that not only caters to home and business solutions but also to many new innovations that can help build better spaces for all. It is our goal to go beyond customers and clients and serve the larger community.

More on CIC here:

On Carbon Sequestration – How Much CO2 can our trees absorb?

Trees are often referred to as the “lungs of the Earth” as they are able to store carbon and produce oxygen, which is essential to many life forms. Trees also stabilise soil and reduce air temperature and humidity, whilst also reducing flooding and improving water quality. Without trees, most fauna and flora would not survive, what more humans?

It is widely accepted that a typical tree can absorb around 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year when in fully grown status, meaning that saplings, seedlings and younger trees – whether mangroves or primary or secondary forest trees – absorb around half, so conservatively say 11 kgs per year (also widely used by most international forestry agencies around the world).

So, over a lifetime of a tropical tree (100 years), one tree can absorb around 1 tonne of CO2. Although this figure seems large, it should be measured in perspective: to date we humans generate around 40 billions tonnes of CO2 each year on Earth. Which means, that we need to plant 40 billion trees annually to offset these emissions.

NATURE IS SPEAKING (Narrated by Julia Roberts)

What can I do to stop climate change?

“As the world warms, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense, sea levels are rising, prolonged droughts are putting pressure on food crops, and many animal and plant species are being driven to extinction. It’s hard to imagine what we as individuals can do to resolve a problem of this scale and severity.

The good news: We are not alone. People, communities, cities, businesses, schools, faith groups and other organizations are taking action. We’re fighting like our lives depend on it — because they do.

In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.” –  David Suzuki

Check out some of the ways you can take more climate change action.

For example, Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis. Right now people just like you are coming together to develop practical, local solutions and make their towns and cities more climate-friendly. Are you ready to join them? Find out what’s happening near you.

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In 2015, the Philippine government submitted to the United Nations the country’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The carbon dioxide reductions will come from the sectors of energy, transport, waste, forestry and industry.  Join us!  Help us reverse the Earth’s “hothouse climate” tipping point.

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