FEED Scholars

FEED Scholars are selected from various academic institutions that have been approved as FEED Partners, including the following reputed Universities that deliver agro-forestry related sciences in the Philippines.

Memoranda of Agreements (MOAs) signed by both parties institutionalise the framework within which FEED is able to provide scholarship support to graduate and postgraduate students pursuing studies in Agronomy, Arts & Culture, Farming, Forestry, Fisheries, Information & Communication Technology, Livelihood Development, Renewable Energy, Social Enterprise, Sustainability and sciences/themes related  to the water, food and energy nexus identified in the Philippines:

FEED contributes primarily towards practical research carried out by scholars, especially in studies related direct interventions with tangible results and beneficial impacts on particularly marginalised communities and livelihood development opportunities, related to the water-food-energy nexus identified by various global agencies, and prevalent challenges adopted by the Philippine government,the public and private sectors.

As a conduit, by working with the private sector, FEED facilitates deserving Philippine students to access, pursue and complete their education and research targets, particularly for those deserving individuals who can neither afford nor have access to learning, including those situated in remote areas.

For more about FEED’s Research & Extension programs, click here:

Congratulations to FEED Scholars! 

FEED  scholars to date have materialized their dreams of improving the livelihood of not only their families but have also inspired their local communities and those they continue to encounter, inspire them the same dreams and pursuits. We have since graduated:

  • a teacher who pursued her Ph.D in Education –  now Dean of her University
  • a dentist who passed the board exams – now gainfully employed as a senior dentist overseas, planning to transfer her knowledge then return home to set up her own practice
  • a  computer science student who – now advising Silicon Valley, who then set up his own company in the Philippines
  • a nursing student who was in her last year of school but whose sick and aging parents could no longer finance her final year of nursing studies; she has since graduated and paid for her ongoing review classes for the board exams and passed.

Slowly but surely, small steps in making education and research accessible will have a great impact on our crossroads towards progress. It is not a long shot; rather it is our one sure structural contribution towards change.





AY 2008-09
Aguilar, Francis A.

Dr. Lourdes B Cardenas



Fontanilla, Cyreene S.

Dr. Virginia C Cuevas

Graduate Student MS Public Health

UP Manila

Consignado, Kryza I.

Prof.Noel G. Sabino


St. Paul Manila

Chua, Hazel Marice O.

Prof. Ivy Amor F. Lambio

Volunteer – Environmental NGO

Wellington, New Zealand

AY 2009-10
Catanghal, Ronan Aldous M.

Dr. Vachel Gay V. Paller

Medical Student

UP-PGH Manila

 Preme, Prime F. Dr. Vincent V. Hilomen Research Assistant Conservation International Philippines-NGO Quezon City
Fajutag, Apryl Joy M.

Dr. Vachel Gay V. Paller

Medical Student

UP-PGH Manila

Encinares, John Mark A

Dr. Ireneo L. Lit Jr.

Instructor III


AY 2010-11
Baniqued, Russel D.

Dr. Leticia E. Afuang

Environmental Scientist

AECOM Philippines, Inc.

 Catsao, Kristine V.

Dr. Lucille C.Villegas


Euro-med Laboratories, Inc.

AY 2013-14

DELOS REYES JOMARI B/BSAgriculture Dr. Maria Cynthia R. Oliveros Area Manager, Nutri Essentials Division Philchema, Inc. assigned at Batangas 2
TUMOLVA JAMIE ANN P/BSAgriculture Dr. Christian Joseph R. Cumagun University Research Asociate Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB

AY 2014-15

GENTALLAN RENERIO JR.P./BSAgriculture Dr. Antonio G. Lalusin Teaching Associate Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture, UPLB

AY 2015-16


BS Chemical Engineering

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology CEAT UPLB

BS Agriculture

Major in Landscape Agroforestry College of Agriculture (CA), UPLB

BS Forestry

Bachelor of Science in Forestry; Thesis: Biophysical and Bioclimatic Characterization of Mangrove Formations, La Union Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University                                 North La Union Campus, Bacnotan, La Union
AY 2016-17




Prof. Emeritus Dr. Asuncion Raymundo


United Nations University (UNU)

BS Agricultural Biotechnology, Specialisation in Plant Pathology


UPLB, Institute of Biological Sciences

Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability

AY 2017-2018

SUNSHINE Culbengan GAERLAN Prof. Lilito Gavina, Director, Partner-ships Bachelor Of Science, Agricultural Engineering – Tomato Production Under Aquaponic Systems Using Different Substrates Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, North La Union Campus, Institute of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Bacnotan, La Union


Prof. Lilito Gavina, Director, Partner-ships Bachelor Of Science, Agricultural Engineering – Design, Development & Testing of Slaughterhouse Wastewater Filtering Systems for Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Production Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, North La Union Campus, Institute of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Bacnotan, La Union
RIZZA JEAN DELOS SANTOS VENTURA President Mr. Jeffrey Tilan Bachelor’s in Finance & Accounting Union Christian College, La Union

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