Living Legacy: Tree-Planting & Forestry Development ~ Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future

LIVING LEGACY: Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future

FEED is actively engaged with academia to conduct research into the sustainable and feasible restoration of the country’s forests and natural woodlands, specifically indigenous woods.

All it takes is 500 Philippine Pesos to adopt a Tree and become a FEED Patron who supports the “Living Legacy: Plant a Tree, FEED our Future” program.

Each contribution of PHP500 (approximately USD10 / EUR 9 / SGD 15) enables FEED to purchase seedlings from sustainable seedling banks, gets a tree planted in your name and supports our social and media campaigns to help spread awareness and raise support from the community.

FEED Inc. is registered with the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC Registration #: CN201119068).

Plant a Tree in Your Name

To make a contribution and have a tree planted in your name, kindly donate PHP500 to FEED; every PHP500 covers the seedling purchase, planting, servicing, yield management and nurturing until its maturity.

  • Savings Account #: 7304509968

We encourage all individuals and organisations form all walks of life to join us in helping restore Philippine forests, livelihoods and communities to their natural state.

To indicate your interest, kindly email: with subject FEED Patron: Living Legacy.

Access the Living Legacy Brochure here: Living Legacy – Plant a Tree, FEED our Future.

FEED Inc. Volunteers & AFP, Tree Planting at O'Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

FEED Inc. & AFP, Tree Planting, O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

FEEDs members and volunteers work with the leading agronomy University of the Philippines, Los Baños to conduct research into biodiversity and the preservation of forests, land and its optimum use, in support of food security and sustainable development.

In cases of reforesting large tracts of land, FEED works with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the necessary manpower, as the  AFP’s remit also covers reforestation and tree planting activities.

AFP Logo

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2 thoughts on “Living Legacy: Tree-Planting & Forestry Development ~ Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future

  1. Hello,
    For a long time, I had some of your ideas for
    reforestation,conservation /preservation
    agricultural crops,ecotourism
    etc. for my neck of the woods in

    As I recall,during rainy months & in
    November,when the town fiesta is
    celebrated, the plaza of my
    hometown in Capiz
    was always flooded but only
    up to the ankle.

    The newscast of floods
    within the few preceding years
    showed pictures of
    floods that were waist deep or higher in
    some areas.

    No doubt, the denudation
    of the forests due to illegal,
    indiscriminate & irresponsible
    logging & mining
    are contributory factors.

    How about making this into a
    national project instead of just
    one part of the country?

    Perhaps, a collaboration
    with all the community organizations
    based in the US & other parts
    of the world to sponsor like projects
    in their respective towns/provinces?

    I’ve started talking about this
    to some community organizations
    i& their response is

    We can use some businesses’
    services to help fund hometown
    projects in every town/province
    to help support educational
    campaign to stop illegal & destructive
    activities by the public
    articulating their concerns to
    their local governments
    to make sure environmental laws
    in place are followed
    by mining companies big
    & small.

    alternative projects/activities
    to promote preservation
    & conservation as well as
    augment the income of
    By making this into a
    national campaign the
    entire country will be covered
    & benefit instead of just one/two

    To: UP Los Banos Faculty In Charge of
    Citronella Plantation:
    Can you possibly share your
    project study for 20 hectares Citronella plantation?

    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Ms. A. Vista
    Kababayan AT Kabalikat
    Bayanihan Para Sa Kaunlaran

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